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09:04 Redmine Feature #19625 (New): Ability to disable plugin from Admin area
I think this would be really useful, rather than having to physically remove files from the server.
In fact, the w...


13:03 Redmine Plugins: Puuurrllleeeeesssss, could someone sort out the official plugins list?
Wading through age old plugins to get to new ones is simply ridiculous.
Can't order on anything, can't filter on any...


16:56 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
+1 for me...I won't upgrade until this feature is implemented.
We are using the plugin MyPage queries which allows u...


10:51 Redmine Help: RE: Upgrade howto does not work for 1.3* to 1.4.*
Thanks Ivan.
The only problem with your answer is that you assume that means something to me.


18:05 Redmine Help: Upgrade howto does not work for 1.3* to 1.4.*
The documentation here:
Has this at the top:...


18:41 Redmine Feature #2911: Add time filter to issues summary report
+1 Really want this.
Tried to create similar headline reports in RedmineReport..not possible there.


19:00 Redmine Help: RE: Add a new column in Redmine report details?
Hi Atif,
Did you ever get a solution to this?
I want to add a custom 'spent time' field to the report.
Digging a...


17:47 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine still reports 1.3.0 after upgrade to 1.3.2
Just looking in Information, my system still reports 1.3.2.
I downloaded from the svn for stable 1.3 as per upgrade ...


20:44 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Closed Date - Removes "Related Issues"
Just in case you are still developing this plugin, I have noticed after installing that it removes the "Related ...

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