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13:24 Redmine Feature #3094: Change ticket ID generation
Zarooba Rozruba wrote:
> I am not sure if I understand this. Your sollution to long ticket numbers is to make them l...
Marcos Vinícius Souza


17:44 Redmine Feature #1973: Hierarchical issue templates
+1 Marcos Vinícius Souza
17:40 Redmine Defect #1740: Actually block issues from closing when relation 'blocked by' isn't closed
Another relation to add:
- belongs to
With this relation, we could make a hierarchy between tickets. In addition, t...
Marcos Vinícius Souza
17:16 Redmine Feature #3094 (Closed): Change ticket ID generation
When the redmine had many projects and used for many time, the ticket ID tends to be very high. This makes difficult ... Marcos Vinícius Souza

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