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10:35 Redmine Plugins: RE: Auto close and automatic comment when closing an issue
Nope sorry. Christophe Absil


10:09 Redmine Plugins: Auto close and automatic comment when closing an issue
I am searching for a plugin to automatically close an issue after being x days in resolved status and witho...
Christophe Absil


15:40 Redmine Feature #703: Configurable required fields per tracker/status/role
We are currently using Redmine for internal project management but I want to open Redmine to our customers. In order ... Christophe Absil


15:04 Redmine Defect #3886 (Closed): Wrong version in Information
I recently installed the 0.8.5 version. Everything went almost right. Even I was unable to follow the steps as descri... Christophe Absil
14:49 Redmine Patch #2560: Bulk Edit of Custom Fields
Oups forgot something. Is this patch included in the 0.9.x version ? I hope so, otherwise I will have to remember tha... Christophe Absil
14:48 Redmine Patch #2560: Bulk Edit of Custom Fields
Hi, just installed the new 0.8.5 and this patch was not included. I don't know if this was ment so.
But the patch ...
Christophe Absil


15:29 Redmine Help: Update of the description/message not sending email
I noticed that updating the description or a message of an issue doesn't fire an email. It is a real proble...
Christophe Absil


10:19 Redmine Help: RE: Got this "uninitialized constant ApplicationHelper::GravatarHelper" when install a plugin
Got the same problem, how do you solve this.
Indeed I have a vendor/plugins/gravatar directory
Christophe Absil


13:27 Redmine Help: Refetch log message from Repository
I am trying to make it possible to update SVN log message. I know it is a SVN problem and I found a solutio...
Christophe Absil


16:10 Redmine Feature #685: New Custom Field "Found in Version"
Any news for this feature ? It doesn't seem to be in next release :-(.
What I would like to have is a drop down wh...
Christophe Absil

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