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20:37 Redmine Feature #3382: Ability to select only source code without line numbers
This bugs me as well
20:36 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
+1 for including this in 0.9
I would really like to apply this patch, but don't want to revert to r2065.


12:46 Redmine Defect #3363 (Resolved): Current trunk broke redmine
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Your database doesn't seem to be properly upgraded. You shouldn't have any projects with...


02:37 Redmine Defect #3363 (Closed): Current trunk broke redmine
I have a redmine instance that I use to test the latest code. I have a script that dumps my main remdine instance, lo...


19:54 Redmine Defect #3238 (Closed): Typo in JS file
There is a typo at source:/trunk/public/javascripts/context_menu.js on line 11
Slightly amusing; but you might wan...


23:20 Redmine Help: Default columns
Can I change the default column set for the issue tracker of a specific project? Globally changing it would work too,...
23:19 Redmine Help: Custom fields for one project
How can I make a custom field for a specific project's bug tracker? Do I have to create another tracker for that proj...


03:25 Redmine Feature #3186 (Closed): Custom Field - Multi Select
It would be nice to have a custom field multi-select box (or an array of checkboxes). For example, we could have a "U...
02:01 Redmine Feature #3174: Project category tree
Andrew Chaika wrote:
> In trunk version (0.9) project nesting is unlimited
I'm having issues upgrading. I keep on...


06:26 Redmine Feature #3174 (Closed): Project category tree
It would be nice to have a project category tree, where you could stick projects in "folders" to organize them better...

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