Aleksandar Pavic

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Reported issues: 13


00:00 Redmine Feature #27540 (New): Extending the 30 character limit for custom filed name
As seen in
30 charac...


13:03 Redmine Feature #27528 (New): Custom fields list type improvement
Every custom field in database has it's own ID in *custom_fields* table, and it's accessible thru *API*.
However, ...


14:36 Redmine Patch #27510 (New): Groups active method
Groups should have "active" method, because they can be assigned issues to, and are treated in many ways as users.


13:11 Redmine Feature #27128 (New): Ability to choose default sort by column for all projects
Much like what's available when new saved query is created.
Preferably it should be shown in *admin | Settings | I...
13:00 Redmine Feature #13067: Allow custom queries to be sorted ASC by issue #
Actually this is available in Redmine 3.3 when you save custom query, however what's missing is default sorting, and ...
12:59 Redmine Feature #13067: Allow custom queries to be sorted ASC by issue #


22:20 Redmine Feature #26908 (New): Add ability to have hooks inisde application.js and application.css via ass...
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, and I'm not sure anyone except maybe JP Lang would know the best course o...


14:10 Redmine Defect #11318: cannot browse svn repository
I absolutley agree with this:
??Redmine code in scm\adapter\abstact_adapter.rb** should trap connection errors and...


19:00 Redmine Patch #21101: Add go-to action schema
Large number of people who use their own pop3 or imaps, use gmail as email client... And it would have "wow" ...


13:09 Redmine Feature #7575: Enhance issue due date fields to also accept an offset
This feature is pretty common to project management software and required in many project-management methodolog...

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