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09:54 Redmine Feature #7774: Sub groups or Multi-level groups
Just a parent-child relationship would be sufficient...


12:26 Redmine Feature #7723: Proper Microsoft Exchange support
+1 in enterprize environments only web mapi stuff is enabled...
My guess is there should be something like:


18:18 Redmine Feature #8223: Email all users
This plugin confirmed to work with Redmine 3.3.3...


11:39 Redmine Feature #27528: Custom fields list type improvement
Hm, yes now I checked in 3.4, it's implemented as key/value list.
This issue can be closed.


13:00 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
There are some plugins helping with this but +1...
However there might be trouble giving proper statistics with ti...


20:41 Redmine Feature #5262: Different priority levels for different trackers
20:15 Redmine Feature #5430: Project-Specific Default Priority
yes, +1


09:29 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields
+1 for this feature.
Conditional custom fields (maybe per issue category), or have some different parent-child rel...


13:46 Redmine Feature #21524: Clone/copy a ticket/issue into multiple projects
Created a plugin for this feature...
13:34 Redmine Help: RE: Create multiple tasks at once
Created a plugin which does that...

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