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23:30 Redmine Feature #5541: Project Status "Closed"
I´m very interested in the functionality just mentioned by Pedro.
Project may be treated in some cases as issues.


22:17 Redmine Help: Adding filters and query fields
Hello, I would like to add project custom fields to query issues filters and to the query itself. Anyone knows how to...


16:54 Redmine Plugins: Timesheet pluging - Download
Is there a way to download the timesheet once displayed ? csv, txt, xls, etc...


16:28 Redmine Defect #3305 (Closed): Error using plugin Graphs - Unknown method 'visible'
*NoMethodError in GraphsController#old_issues*...


19:32 Redmine Feature #3232: Using several environments
As far as I understand, what you´re saying is quite the same. If it´s another version, it´s similar to changing the c...
15:52 Redmine Feature #3232: Using several environments
Thanks Zarooba.
I don´t realy see the point of a cron job, anyway it can be usefull. Using diferent themes is usuf...


21:59 Redmine Feature #3232 (Closed): Using several environments
Hello, I´m new on Redmine, Ruby, etc.
I just need information on how to use several environments like dev, test, p...

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