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13:52 Redmine Feature #6727 (Closed): Add/remove issue watchers via REST API
Currently there does not seem to be a way to add watchers to an issue using the API. This includes during issue creat...


23:12 Redmine Feature #4812 (Closed): Create links to other projects
Currently there appears to be no way to create an automatic link within a wiki to a particular project. The only way ...


12:38 Redmine Feature #1935: An option to completely disable email notifications
Wanted to give this issue a little poke.
We would really like to have this functionality and the fix seems pretty s...


16:27 Redmine Help: Link to another project in Wiki
Before I create a feature request for this I wanted to make sure this wasn't an undocumented feature already. There d...


00:48 Redmine Feature #4687 (New): Add copy project permission
With the ability to copy projects, it would be nice to be able to grant permissions to do so. Currently only Redmine ...


22:22 Redmine Help: RE: Release Notes?
The changelog view has been removed from 0.9 as per r3162. The same information is available through the roadmap.


14:23 Redmine Feature #4290: Add filter by project when viewing all issues.
This would be nice to have. We have projects that are "on hold" and we would like to create a custom query so we ...


18:33 Redmine Help: RE: Submitting Issues through PHP
Jean-Philippe, is it possible to add a new note to an issue with this API? Updating an issue seems to only work for s...
13:39 Redmine Feature #4398: Author Issue-filter only contains members even when non-members have 'create issue...
Just discovered this issue myself.
12:30 Redmine Help: RE: Submitting Issues through PHP
Yes, I got it working on the weekend. I was waiting until I got to work today to post. I wasn't setting the request_f...

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