Doug Goldstein

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00:19 Redmine Feature #5125: Export roadmap to PDF
One of our developers at the office update the patch to apply cleanly to 0.9.4 (it applies to 0.9.5 as well)...


21:09 Redmine Feature #5125: Export roadmap to PDF
You and I discussed this one in IRC last week and you told me to assign it to you and you'd make some commen...
21:08 Redmine Feature #3267 (Resolved): URL Standardization
This work was completed for the 0.9.x series.


00:51 Redmine Feature #3267: URL Standardization
I'm looking now and I notice the activities page on my own site is
00:48 Redmine Feature #3267 (Closed): URL Standardization
It'd be nice if there was a choice for creating strict URLs that are separated based on project. i.e. The URL to this...
00:41 Redmine Feature #3266 (New): Commit ID syntaxn sugar/parsing
In IRC I suggested that Redmine take a page out Trac's book and support the following syntaxes for auto-generating li...

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