Karim Trott

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Reported issues: 6


16:51 Redmine Defect #78: Unable to add new issues, selector disappeared
I'd still prefer it in the context of the issue list? Also since
the menu is a little bit "jumpy".
- big problem to ...


04:37 Redmine Feature #268 (Closed): self registration for new user at login?
Hi Jean-Philippe,
I would like to have to the opportunity for an new user to register himself when coming to the s...
04:01 Redmine Feature #267 (Closed): Help file translation
Hi Jean-Philippe,
i would offer my support for translation of the next release and the help pages to german, mais...


04:28 Redmine Feature #266: different workflows for trackers?
My idea was that you can create a different set of issues
statuses that can be assigned to a certain tracker.
I ...


09:04 Redmine Feature #266 (Closed): different workflows for trackers?
would be great (at least would meet my requirements ;-) if it is possible to create different workflows, which can be...
09:01 Redmine Feature #265 (Closed): textarea for custom fields?
Is it possible to a textarea when type is string > 80 or is it possible having text as type and then in the view
a te...
08:57 Redmine Feature #264 (Closed): due dates for issues
Hi Jean Philippe,
I would like to have a due date with the issues (for scheduling), would it fit with your plans?


16:06 Redmine Feature #263 (Closed): create project as subprojects
I would like to have to the possibility to create subprojects of projects, what do you think?
à p...

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