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13:41 Redmine Feature #3492: Specify different text formatters for certain parts of Redmine
Possible duplicate of #5112 _Texting formatting setting is global (Allow override in module level)_. @ go2null


20:07 Redmine Wiki edit: HowTo_Easily_integrate_a_(SSH_secured)_GIT_repository_into_redmine (#6)
chnage from `git fetch` to `get remote update` as this is more appropriate for the the `git clone --mirror` used @ go2null


23:02 Redmine Patch #6431: Allow parent task field to be used in filters
As #6118 is implemented, shouldn't this be closed? @ go2null
23:00 Redmine Feature #6397: Add Parent Task field as a sort criterium when defining a query
The ability to define a sort by *Parent* was added some time ago. (Exists on v2.6.0) @ go2null


17:31 Redmine Feature #26555: Hide user information from other users (even if they are all members of the same project)
I think a per *Group* flag (@can see only own group members@) would be a more useful feature, and woukd work well wit... @ go2null
17:16 Redmine Feature #17288: Use Watcher Count as a poor man's Voting system on
See message#51899 which has a manually curated list, where this functionality would make such a list trivial.
@ go2null
17:15 Redmine Feature #17288: Use Watcher Count as a poor man's Voting system on
For issues, it would also be great if the *Watcher Count* could be added to the Issues list, thus allowing easy sorting. @ go2null
17:13 Redmine Open discussion: RE: tickets vote count list
How about using number of watchers to correlate interest?
See Feature #17288 _Use Watcher Count as a poor man's Vo...
@ go2null


16:29 Redmine Feature #23301: Allow "Custom queries" to be shared across projects
Good comment about global queries dropping non-global fields.
The original intent of this request was to allow sha...
@ go2null


15:29 Redmine Feature #5862: Additional email notification preferences
1) *Never* is a duplicate of Feature #1935 _An option to completely disable email notifications_
> #1935#note-18
> ...
@ go2null

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