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01:12 Redmine Development: How to submit patches ?
I'm currently in process of separating out lots of bugfixes and enhancements and attempted to create patch tickets, b...
01:07 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to contribute
Eric Davis wrote:
> I've just started a page on some of the ways to [[Contribute|contribute back]] to Redmine.


07:02 Redmine Patch #12319 (Closed): Lots of bugfixes and enhancements
we've got a lot of useful patches in our ubuntu packaging branch, that could be included into upstream:
06:22 Redmine Feature #12318 (Closed): release 1.4.5
It's now long time gone since last 1.4.4 release, and 1.4-stable line has evolved a lot.
Please make a 1.4.5 relea...


12:23 Redmine Feature #10831 (New): Branch field and clickable link
For topic-based development, it would be very helpful to have an additional "Branch" ticket field, that produces a di...

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