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08:26 Redmine Help: RE: Mongrel problem during redmine upgrade to 0.9.2
I had similar problem, but the above solution didn't worked.
So I researched a little bit and found the problem in t...
Gregor Bader


07:28 Redmine Feature #3641 (Closed): Display filters for custom queries
If you select a custom query the filters are not displayed. It would be very helpful if the filters get displayed to ... Gregor Bader


08:07 Redmine Feature #448: Default user assigned to project
relates to #482 Gregor Bader
08:05 Redmine Feature #482: Default assignee on each project
Eric Davis wrote:
> Thanks, I'll do a quick review of the patch.
Would like to see this in main branch. Anoth...
Gregor Bader


07:59 Redmine Feature #3389: Increase speed of Repository.fetch_changesets
Eric Davis wrote:
> I would suggest removing that from your post commit hook. Or backgrounding the process:
Gregor Bader


20:21 Redmine Feature #3388: Split log file and auto archive
Any suggestions under Windows? Gregor Bader
18:24 Redmine Feature #3388 (Closed): Split log file and auto archive
Currently there exist only 1 log file under /log which gets bigger and bigger. It would be nice and very helpful if t... Gregor Bader
18:36 Redmine Feature #3389 (Closed): Increase speed of Repository.fetch_changesets
We are running Redmine trunk version r2743 with a local Subversion server on a Win2K virtual machine. The mongrel ser... Gregor Bader
08:44 Redmine Patch #3387: Add plugins to script/about
But it would be nice if this information is displayed on the /admin/info page.
Gregor Bader


15:33 Redmine Feature #3382 (Closed): Ability to select only source code without line numbers
Currently if you use ... Gregor Bader

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