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14:54 Redmine Feature #5685 (Resolved): Link to specific activity report
This is possible with the 2.3-stable branch I am running now. And equally possible with the report or the detailed vi...
14:46 Redmine Feature #4706: Project member filter on timelog details
Filters on spent time details and report do the job perfectly.
This issue could be closed.


13:57 Redmine Feature #5685 (Closed): Link to specific activity report
It would be nice to be able to share links of specific views of activity reports (different periods, criteria, criter...


13:54 Redmine Feature #4706 (Closed): Project member filter on timelog details
Is it possible to add a member filter on the timelog details view to be able to retrieve time entries for a specific ...
13:32 Redmine Feature #1766: Custom fields should become addable to Spent Time list/report
The following patch allows to add comments to the list of fields : #3117.
To add up to 5 fields to the report : #4...
13:27 Redmine Patch #4705 (New): Allow selection of up to five fields in timelog report
It is useful if you want to match the detailed view (#1766), or, like me, if you use custom fields in time entries.


15:44 Redmine Feature #1157: Gantt chart for a user across all projects
Mischa The Evil wrote:
> Though, after the implementation of r2088, I think that the personally-proposed breadcumbs ...


20:44 Redmine Feature #1688 (New): Ability to diff two text attachments on a same page
Use case :
* A ticket has several patches attached.
* An user :
## selects 2 patches using checkboxes.
## clicks ...
20:28 Redmine Feature #1687 (New): Ability to quote a patch in a comment
Use case :
# Someone posts a patch.
# Someone else :
## reads the issue.
## views the attached file using the dif...


19:25 Redmine Defect #1241: Mercurial : Don't browse latest version after a 'hg push'
I marked it 'Resolved' to show that a solution has been found and point to the patch, but it is not closed. It still ...

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