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00:33 Redmine Help: RE: Schedule Plugin
Curiously when I checked out trunk, it reports it self as 0.8.0 so instead I checked out the tagged 0.8.3
Is trunk...
Rachel Me


11:28 Redmine Help: RE: 500 Internal Server error when changing Tracker in safari
Sorry to be a pest but does anyone know why this might be happening / any ideas on how to diagnose it.
I have disc...
Rachel Me
11:26 Redmine Help: RE: Schedule Plugin
Hi Brad
This makes perfect sense, it is the schedules job to book developers time, not to log the time they have s...
Rachel Me


13:41 Redmine Help: 500 Internal Server error when changing Tracker in safari
Redmine 0.8.3
Safari stable and public beta
When trying to change tracker while creating an issue I get a 500.
Rachel Me


14:04 Redmine Open discussion: Forums watch list
Is it possible for me to force users to be watchers of forums, this is the primary way I want to communitate...
Rachel Me
14:00 Redmine Open discussion: News in Redmine
Is there a way to post a news article to all redmine projects?
Sometimes I would like to post general new...
Rachel Me

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