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23:20 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
I can't wait to see this in trunk!
Reavis Sutphin-Gray


04:53 Redmine Patch #1528: Add Author to Atom Entry Content
The last patch didn't work. This one uses the username for the author in all cases. Reavis Sutphin-Gray
04:35 Redmine Patch #1528: Add Author to Atom Entry Content
Improved author name formatting. Reavis Sutphin-Gray
04:29 Redmine Patch #1528 (Closed): Add Author to Atom Entry Content
This patch adds the name of the author to the content in Atom feed entries, since some feed readers don't display the... Reavis Sutphin-Gray
04:16 Redmine Patch #1527 (Closed): Add Project Name to Cross-Project Atom Feed
This patch adds the project name to the title for each entry in the cross-project Atom feeds. Reavis Sutphin-Gray


05:02 Redmine Defect #1049: Redmine doesn't account for summer time (daylight saving time)
Do you have the tzinfo gem installed? I was having the same problem and installing tzinfo fixed it for me. Reavis Sutphin-Gray


14:45 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Parent project roadmap shows child projects
I am very interested in the status of this branch too. Reavis Sutphin-Gray


13:33 Redmine Feature #836 (New): "New Issues" component for "My Page"
It would be nice to have a component for "My Page" that displays a list of new or open+unassigned issues for projects... Reavis Sutphin-Gray

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