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02:11 Redmine Feature #1233: change default homepage to My page
> > @root :to => 'reports#issue_report', :id => 'myproject', :as => 'home'@
> >
> > where @myproject@ is the proje...


19:03 Redmine Help: RE: how to uninstall plugins
for me, the following worked today:
rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=plugin_name VERSION=0
18:35 Redmine Feature #6464: Ability to set landing page after login
Does the plugin still work?
18:34 Redmine Feature #664: User can choose what page he want's to be Start page
+1 because this is indeed very much needed.


12:50 Redmine Help: RE: Uninstalling Plugins
Another user with this problem reporting thus!
The above suggestion shouldn't be too hard when a migration adds th...


18:41 Redmine Help: RE: Running redmine on OpenBSD server
That's very handy. Thanks for posting.

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