Vladimir Bocharov

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10:16 Redmine Feature #4939: List of tasks filtered as OR and not AND


10:14 Redmine Feature #36854 (New): Include workflow creation in REST API
Redmine API provide no possibility to create workflows.
This feature is important for synchronization of workflow w...


13:10 Redmine Feature #36785 (New): Extension rest api
Good afternoon.
Is it possible to add a full response to a request to create / update a task through api? Also, ple...


10:27 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine logs to json format
Good afternoon.
Tell me, please, is it possible to receive redmine logs in the form of a json form? If possible, how...


11:22 Redmine Plugins: How to add a response to the post method when creating/updating a task?
Good afternoon. How can I expand the redmine response when creating/updating a task through a plugin or in another wa...


09:05 Redmine Plugins: Create Plugin With API Create Issues
Good afternoon.
There is a need to write a plugin that will expand the redmine api for my tasks, but for this you n...

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