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18:02 Redmine Help: RE: backup and recovery of existing redmine data
Tempting offer Jan. That might be helpful but I don't know what kind of budget we have to run through an external hos... Michael Powell


16:23 Redmine Help: RE: backup and recovery of existing redmine data
Would you mind elaborating a bit?
* Backup the database? That's through normal mysql channels (in our case)?
* Fi...
Michael Powell
15:09 Redmine Help: Confused about project version sharing
I'm a little confused. Under what circumstances does it make sense whether to share a project version acros...
Michael Powell


15:22 Redmine Plugins: Looking for reliable release notes plugin
My understanding is "changelog" functionality went away from Redmine recently? We're using Redmine 1.4.4 available fo... Michael Powell
15:14 Redmine Plugins: RE: Release notes plugin - updated
See: "Release notes plugin":
Still needs work before it's ready to go ...
Michael Powell
15:13 Redmine Plugins: RE: Release notes plugin
This is an old post, but there's still a known issue that breaks the Release notes tab, seems like when Issues Releas... Michael Powell


10:18 Redmine Help: RE: Help installing Release Notes 1.1.1 for Redmine 1.4.4
Yes. Sounds like it's a known issue, he'll set to fixing it this week hopefully. Thanks. Michael Powell


13:16 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine log files location
Smart aleck... If I knew that I wouldn't be here asking that, would I? Does it depend on the Linux distribution? Michael Powell
01:03 Redmine Help: Redmine log files location
Sounds like an obvious question. I've got a plugin that's failing to load one of its screens, and is tellin...
Michael Powell


17:33 Redmine Open discussion: Trello integration with Redmine
Or vice versa...
I've got a colleague who is using Trello for organizing task management. However, obvio...
Michael Powell

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