Alfred Costa

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15:27 Redmine Feature #15752: Add attachments to search index and list them in a search results
We use attachments a lot in issues but it's difficult for someone else to find the issue when they only know more or ...


14:26 Redmine Feature #12858: git: Allow to restrict branches able to view
I would be nice, and even more: to be able to restrict write access per branch.


10:14 Redmine Feature #4383: Search Names of Files Attached to Issues
+1 This would be really useful.


16:20 Redmine Defect #12502 (Closed): Links to projects I am not member of are not expanded
When a link to another project is made using the @project:identifier@ syntax, as described on the Wiki help syntax pa...


13:22 Redmine Defect #11207 (Closed): Issues associated with a locked version are not copied when copying a pro...
When I try to copy a project from Administration/Projects, it displays all the items to be copied and their number co...
11:13 Redmine Feature #8134: Restrict edit issue possibilities per role
It would be very useful to have more granularity to edit issue fields
11:11 Redmine Feature #6219: More precise "Edit issue" permission
This would be very useful.

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