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04:55 Redmine Patch #14223: Fix icon transparency issues
And again... smushed them - glad I uploaded as noticed the size grew!
W Snyder
04:47 Redmine Patch #14223: Fix icon transparency issues
Attached is corrected wiki_edit.png; above was original version.
W Snyder
04:25 Redmine Patch #14223 (Closed): Fix icon transparency issues
Most of the icons in the public/images directory correctly have alpha channels - thanks folks.
Three do not, which...
W Snyder


09:47 Redmine Patch #1103 (Resolved): Add deleting of wiki page individual versions
W Snyder


01:45 Redmine Patch #9998 (Closed): Make attachement "Optional Description" less wide
On my browser, under "New Issue" the attachment "Optional Decription" is pushing out the right side of the screen cre... W Snyder


18:34 Redmine Defect #7183: Svn 4376 breaks table of contents with pre's
Assigning based on SVN author, forgive me and feel free to change it!
W Snyder
18:23 Redmine Defect #7183 (Closed): Svn 4376 breaks table of contents with pre's
If a wiki document contains headers and pre's (note spaces added below so it doesn't get formatted):
W Snyder


12:53 Redmine Patch #6778 (Closed): Wiki compatibility link broken w/o project_id
Recent versions changed from using :id to :project_id for routing.
One replacement was missed in a compatibility lin...
W Snyder


14:09 Redmine Patch #5897 (New): Use issue/forum title in URLs for search engine optimization
Google and other search engines really want the URL of links to include the subject of the thing being linked to. Fo... W Snyder


12:55 Redmine Feature #2340: Self-registration needs captcha
+1 for a plugin. I also was having spam problems on my site, it reached several per day, so I hacked into the source... W Snyder

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