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11:21 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
Hi Vitaly,
I'm an happy user of your plugin, but I was wondering if it's possible to schedule an automatic export ...


09:12 Redmine Feature #991: Document versioning
Aleksandar Pavic wrote:
> What "Steve V":http://www.redmine.org/issues/991, and "Aaron Boxer":http://www.redmine.org...


16:56 Redmine Feature #5037 (Closed): Role-based issue custom field visibility
It would be nice to define some kind of view permission for fields in issues. For example, when you define a new cust...
15:57 Redmine Feature #285: Tracker role-based permissioning
+1 for me


12:30 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin
very nice plugin, but I suggest you to do escaping (or translation to entity) of tick "'" in the text that wil...


10:26 Redmine Feature #991: Document versioning
10:22 Redmine Plugins: RE: Wiki Extensions Plugin
Very nice plugin!
It would be even nicer if it can handle attachment update, like described in #4032
10:14 Redmine Defect #4033 (Closed): wrap a displayed image in a link in wiki pages
With redmine 0.8.4 I was able to put an image in a wiki page and make it a link to an url with this code:...
09:42 Redmine Feature #4032 (New): Wiki attachment history
An interesting missing feature (that I would appreciate very much) is the possibility to replace/update a wiki attach...


14:23 Redmine Help: Starteam adapter
I'm trying to implement an adapter for Starteam, an SCM by borland, unfortunately I'm totally new to both redm...

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