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13:22 Redmine Patch #34200 (Closed): Portuguese (Brazil) translation for 4.1-stable
pt-BR translations


14:35 Redmine Feature #20698: Task list Textile/Mardown
I think the task-list can be used like steps to follow into a small issue
I think that sub tasks should be used when...


18:34 Redmine Feature #20698: Task list Textile/Mardown
I think that is the way, that is more easy, and it's possible to check, quickly, which sub tasks are completed
16:15 Redmine Feature #20698 (New): Task list Textile/Mardown
I think it's necessary to create the task list markdown.
This feature exists in github:


20:21 Redmine Defect #668: Date input fields don't respect date format settings
I created a jquery plugin to solve this problem:
"jQuery Binding Format":https://github.com/leandrogehlen/jquery-bin...


18:41 Redmine Feature #16004 (Closed): Folder for files
make it possible to add folders to the files


12:29 Redmine Feature #15886 (New): Calculation of forecast dates between related tasks
* Add field @working hours@ in Administration->Settings->Issue tracking
> With this field y...


17:27 Redmine Defect #15528 (Closed): Add execution order
In tasks that have same priority set the execution order
In my page, view the task ordered by priority and executi...


11:28 Redmine Feature #15396 (New): Move related tasks in Gantt
Create order execution of the tasks and relationships
When you change the start date or end date of task, rearrang...


15:46 Redmine Feature #13681 (Closed): Option to choose sorting versions in roadmap
In project settings -> versions. Allow choose the order display in roadmap.
* Name: asc or desc
* Date: asc o...

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