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13:53 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Issue Reminder - Version 0.0.1
@Michael: Can you link to the new location so that I can follow it please? Would love to get this plugin working in 2... Al McNicoll
13:50 Redmine Feature #2770: Display of inline attached images in email notification
OK, so a quick hack for those in the same position as me (i.e. not too concerned about login security for attachment ... Al McNicoll
13:34 Redmine Feature #2770: Display of inline attached images in email notification
Scratch that - just realised that you can't retrieve the full file path from the URL request without DB lookups, so t... Al McNicoll
13:14 Redmine Feature #2770: Display of inline attached images in email notification
While not everyone would be happy with this, I would personally (on my particular install) not have an issue with rem... Al McNicoll
13:16 Redmine Help: RE: How to enable file attachment in mail notifications
It's an old thread, but comes up when Googling, so seems worth updating.
This is possible with 2.2.3 (and possibly...
Al McNicoll
13:09 Redmine Defect #5672: Inline images in issues description don't have a full path in emails.
In case anyone else ends up here after Googling, the issue in the current version (2.2.3) is that the image retrieval... Al McNicoll


15:55 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine log files location
Hmmm... don't think Ivan was being smart at you - he just assumed you knew the install location for Redmine. Perhaps ... Al McNicoll


12:02 Redmine Feature #3760: E-mail notifications for issue update/creation should include the attachments in the email
I tried applying Brian Crowell's patch on a 1.2 install and found that it did create attachments, but the attachments... Al McNicoll


16:19 Redmine Feature #7599: Allow for multiple useraccounts with same email address
Duplicate of #688, where the discussion is more in-depth
??(in case anyone else ends up here after Googling as I did)??
Al McNicoll
16:14 Redmine Feature #688: Allow the same email for two accounts
OK, so it's an old ticket, but on the off-chance that Ken is still using Redmine:
Would you mind sharing your patch?...
Al McNicoll

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