Todd McGrath

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20:43 Redmine Defect #6 (Closed): info.rhtml uninitialized constant
Maybe you already know this one? When I click on Administration information (/admin/info)...
10:36 Redmine Feature #273: mail notifications
You are too good! Wow.
07:01 Redmine Feature #273 (Closed): mail notifications
It would be nice to send a notification when new files or documents are added?
07:00 Redmine Defect #3: ajax pagination of projects
I apologize. This was my fault entirely. I was updating
the layouts/base.rhtml page and removed the <div


08:37 Redmine Defect #3: ajax pagination of projects
No errors, but I was running it locally on WebBrick. I'll
report back if I find something more specific. Thank you...


07:42 Redmine Defect #3 (Closed): ajax pagination of projects
Is it just me or is the AJAX project pagination broken in .4.1?
I'm testing with more than 15 projects and the Nex...


10:53 Redmine Feature #271: Add New Issue link
Jean-Philippe, you are awesome. that was fast! Great!
Thank you!


17:37 Redmine Feature #272 (Closed): different colors for priorities
I really like using filters in the Issues module. Great work!
One thing that might be nice is to color code issue...
17:34 Redmine Feature #271 (Closed): Add New Issue link
How about adding a "Add New" link when you are in Issues module?
If I'm adding a bunch of issues, I always need to...


18:29 Redmine Defect #2: Listing 5 projects on Welcome page
I'll attach two patch files that solved it
(project.rb-PATCH.txt and welcome_controller.rb-PATCH.t...

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