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02:07 Redmine Feature #4844 (New): Multi language site
I'm running a multi language site, accessed mostly by Polish and English speaking developers. What I'm missing is a p...


01:36 Redmine Defect #4838: Error while creating news issues
Version running: Redmine 0.9.2.devel
List of plugins:
ezFAQ plugin
Global filter plugin
Google Analytics pl...
01:32 Redmine Defect #4838 (Closed): Error while creating news issues
When creating a new issue to any project in Redmine, an error occurs:
Processing IssuesController#new (for 83.24.1...


14:33 Redmine Plugins: RE: Local avatars Plugin v.0.0.1
Polish translation, very simple to do.
Please add that to the tree...


00:21 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
@david - this patch I had to create when I got last version from repository. The problem is still with version change...


01:39 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
diff --git a/init.rb b/init.rb
index b635bd7..bce1b56 100644
--- a/init.rb
+++ b/init.rb
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ require ...


14:32 Redmine Defect #3233: Wrong version in trunk
Normally I would suggest, that the trunk is always high with numbers, i.e.:
* Last released version: 0.8.3.[1..8]....

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