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15:59 Redmine Feature #2705: "Jump to a project..." drop-down should list public projects
Should be an option is implemented. We have literally hundreds of public projects and for everyone here it is nice t...


17:58 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_FAQ (#2)
Gave basic instructions for modifying the layout of a page


16:42 Redmine Plugins: RE: Determine if Module is Turned On
I've managed to work out how to determine if a module is enabled:
@Project.module_enabled?("MODULE NAME") should e...
16:08 Redmine Help: RE: how can i connect redmine with php code
For the most part I usually just use an iFrame to handle using PHP code with Redmine.
You could potentially look i...
15:42 Redmine Plugins: Determine if Module is Turned On
So after a fair amount of effort (ruby/rails noob here), I finally managed to figure out duck-punching/monkey-patchin...


17:41 Redmine Development: RE: Developer Documentation
Thank you for replying Jean-Baptiste. I appreciate it.
I can completely understand the focus on users for documen...
16:38 Redmine Development: RE: Developer Documentation
I'm going to take this as a no.


15:48 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.0: 404 errors after creating plugin to add top menu links
I also ran into this issue and for me it turned out to be a routes issue.
Redmine 2.X no longer has default routes...
15:43 Redmine Feature #13194: I'm lost
I second third and fourth this request.
Documentation of all sorts is in a terrible shape for Redmine. From the p...


16:07 Redmine Development: Developer Documentation
Is anyone working on, or planning to work on getting Redmine documented?
I'm looking for something similar to what...

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