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19:16 Redmine Feature #2069: Wiki syntax to link to files in the files-module
+1, We would also find this very useful. I think it would need to be done by filename instead of id, but it seems pr... Jose Luna


03:28 Redmine Feature #703: Configurable required fields per tracker/status/role
+1 I just wanted to say that we need this too (making the assigned-to field required). I hope it's helpful for us a... Jose Luna


20:39 Redmine Feature #2549: Enable the watching of news
+1 This would be very helpful and (I think) not too painful to implement. As Jim Mullis points out, it would be ve... Jose Luna


16:59 Redmine Feature #3187: "View Issues" user permission
Marcel Evenson wrote:
> I think this is a prime example were open source fails :(
I think you mean "this is a pri...
Jose Luna


21:13 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
My company is also in need of a way to hide issues based on a specific criteria. As Ewan points out, many of the sug... Jose Luna

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