Julio Helden

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05:40 Redmine Plugins: Problem creating a task in sprint menu tab using Dwarf Plugin
Hi guys, my problem is when I click the button to create a new task in the backlog, Dwarf puts a green box inside my ...
05:35 Redmine Plugins: RE: Dwarf plugin problem
Hi Stefan, you were right :). I followed your instructions and now I am able to create a new task in the backlog.


06:35 Redmine Help: Redmine error 500 when I try to create a project
Hello guys when I try to create a new project, I am receiving the following error:
Started POST "/projects" for 12...
05:24 Redmine Plugins: Dwarf plugin problem
Hi guys, I instlled the dwarf plugin in my Redmine enviroment. However, when I try to create an item into the backlog...

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