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13:37 Redmine Patch #24296 (Closed): Add tablename to siblings query to prevent AmbiguousColumn errors
h3. Problem
I creating a plugin that show siblings for issue. And when I try to get "visible" siblings for issue I...
Danil Tashkinov


15:36 Redmine Feature #16941 (Closed): Do not clear category on project change if category with same exists
Category cleared when changing project for an issue.
*Steps to reproduce:*
1. There is a 'project1' with category...
Danil Tashkinov


15:28 Redmine Defect #9660: Issues counters in roadmap only link to issues in the same project
Hi! We solve this problem by simple patch. Danil Tashkinov


13:29 Redmine Feature #9180: Improve search system for issues - like "context specific search"
With this plugin
you can use queries like this one
_"Find a...
Danil Tashkinov
13:22 Redmine Feature #10897: Offer an advanced issue query language as an alternative to it's current UI
If you interested in elasticsearch for redmine check this plugin Danil Tashkinov


14:58 Redmine Defect #15190 (Closed): JS-error while using a global custom query w/ project filter in a project context
If I open custom query *within a project* then I got this error in application.js:120
*Uncaught TypeError: Cann...
Danil Tashkinov


07:48 Redmine Feature #4602: User specific theme
Yet another plugin for user specific theme: Danil Tashkinov


13:06 Redmine Defect #13075 (Closed): Can't clear custom field value through context menu in the issue list
When selecting issue (or multiple issues) in the issue list, right clicking and selecting CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME from the ... Danil Tashkinov


10:10 Redmine Defect #12979 (Closed): Wiki link syntax commit:repo_a:abcd doesn't work
The wiki syntax commit:repo_a used to link hash-named changesets doesn't work if repo identifier has underscore symbo... Danil Tashkinov


10:58 Redmine Patch #12077: Links ending with non-english letters don't parse completely
Please see the attached patch. Have modified regular expression and application_helper_test.
redmine version 1.4.5
Danil Tashkinov

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