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20:52 Redmine Feature #4403: Copy with related task
This patch seems VERY useful. We have over 200 users who submit tickets -- it would be GREAT if we had a "ME TOO" fe...


09:41 Redmine Help: RE: Creating reports
PS -- I too would enjoy a global summary report.
09:01 Redmine Help: RE: Creating reports
I have been aware of these reports for several months - because I was told about them, but thought they were only ava...


23:03 Redmine Help: RE: Status of LDAP authentication in Redmine stable vs. trunk
Hello Stefan,
I run 0.9 and find it quite stable, but I do not update it often.
I have not figured out how to get...
23:01 Redmine Help: RE: LDAP auth and user priviledges, rights, groups
I would also be interested in being able to associate users with permissions - based on their LDAP group.


06:57 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
PS -- this seems like a reasonable privacy solution.
> I think it should mask the link and the name. So an unautho...
06:55 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
Hi Eric,
It makes sense to me that the Versions should be removed if the task or project moves out of the scope of...


14:49 Redmine Open discussion: RE: gantt: grouping issues/tasks by milestone. Bug or feature?
Sorry that Item 3 was not clear -- I will try again:...
11:16 Redmine Feature #2666: Roadmap for main project should see Roadmaps for sub projects
Opps -- I forgot to put my "Graphic" in the pre tags....
11:13 Redmine Feature #347: Grouping issues in Gantt view
*Grouping by Phase*
I am also in favor of this. I tried to enable some grouping by start -- date, but for a large p...

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