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07:55 Redmine Defect #11881: FCGI mode does not support sub-URI
no chance to get this fixed in next major or minor release :( ? Den Iskandarov


07:40 Redmine Feature #3224: Better project list
we are using redmine for any kind of project management
some kind of bureaucratic daily new projects for em...
Den Iskandarov


10:38 Redmine Help: RE: Need help... Redmine in DMZ, SVN on internal. Best senario to access SVN.
port forwarding between DMZ server and SVN server
trusted/allowed hosts in firewall
Den Iskandarov


09:23 Redmine Defect #11892: wrong item displaying
Ты обкуренный ?
Write in English. And define your problem in very details.
Den Iskandarov


21:59 Redmine Feature #3224: Better project list
Have some major projects as containers with smaller subprojects.
list of subrojects is endless. so on main proje...
Den Iskandarov
19:26 Redmine Defect #11881: FCGI mode does not support sub-URI
Den Iskandarov
19:19 Redmine Defect #11886 (New): Broken link while edit/delete "Issue Category" under project in Redmine 2.1.0
Developing Redmine 2.1.0 in my network with Sub-URI - "".
Entire site is working flawlessly unti...
Den Iskandarov
18:59 Redmine Feature #1233: change default homepage to My page
How to make default page as:
Home -> Projects -> *+View all issues+* ?
Redmine 2.1.0
Den Iskandarov
14:37 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
+1 This Is vital feature ! Why it's still note added to roadmap Den Iskandarov
14:00 Redmine Help: RE: Can't run Sub-URI Redmine 2.0.1 + Centos 6.3 - ActionController::RoutingError
this one helped -_- :
Den Iskandarov

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