Abdul Halim Mat Ali

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11:36 Redmine Feature #12401: Split "Manage documents" permission into create, edit and delete permissions
We need this for the file permission too


11:43 Redmine Feature #8488: Create an 'Involve' mechanism to private issues
Christophe Badoit wrote:
> +1
> I would love this feature, although I understand this patch would break a lot o...


07:28 Redmine Defect #2824: MySQL Deadlock Error when showing a big repository
Toshi MARUYAMA, this should be closed as it is not a bug.
I have a lot of repository, each with many revisions and o...


03:39 Redmine Feature #8488: Create an 'Involve' mechanism to private issues
I have tried it on Redmine version 2.1.0.
I don't know whether it will work on other version or on the latest svn ch...


07:11 Redmine Defect #12116: Watchers added as a non-member doesn't receive emails notifications
Please apply the patch at http://www.redmine.org/issues/8488.
It works for me.
07:10 Redmine Help: RE: Non-member watchers not receiving e-mail notification or in the cc list
Please apply the patch from http://www.redmine.org/issues/8488.
That works for me.


16:28 Redmine Feature #12049: Bulk Edit for Private flag
Mmm. I am wondering about the use case here. Why would you want to bulk edit issues to private?
Normally, you will s...
13:25 Redmine Defect #11881: FCGI mode does not support sub-URI
Yes. 2.1.0.
BTW, call me Halim.
and I have edited the symbolic link to...
07:08 Redmine Defect #11881: FCGI mode does not support sub-URI
I have run Redmine in multiple sub-URI and have no issues with it.
Maybe somebody should update http://www.redmine...


08:52 Redmine Feature #1554: Private comments in tickets
Jean-Philippe Lang, is the revision change stable?
I will love to test the private comment feature.

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