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00:15 Redmine Patch #1901: RESTful URLs for everything
Guys, could you make a conclusion on this feature?
In order to start using it, we'd like to know the final status on...
Alex G.


23:02 Redmine Feature #482: Default assignee on each project
Eric Davis wrote:
> Thanks, I'll do a quick review of the patch.
Maybe it makes sense to have a global set...
Alex G.


23:22 Redmine Feature #908: Add global News
It would be useful for the entire team working on the redmineŠ± as well as for the customers (like broadcasting an...
Alex G.


02:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Target date for 0.9
Any updates on the subject?
Thank you in advance
Alex G.


22:36 Redmine Feature #3565 (Resolved): DateTime stamp in addition to 'Updated x days ago.."
live and learn.. :)
thanx, Nanda!
Alex G.
20:33 Redmine Feature #3565 (Closed): DateTime stamp in addition to 'Updated x days ago.."
It is useful to know the exact date/time when the issue was changed, and currently this is not possible since we have... Alex G.


19:27 Redmine Feature #576: Issue list: Add "project" item into filter
+1 Alex G.
19:18 Redmine Feature #1963: Ability to filter issues by project
Our team is running 40+ small projects and almost all the team members are involved into all the projects (this i...
Alex G.

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