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11:18 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Recommand project management solution
In my experience of using redmine, some of your reqs can be solved by plugins, some may be solved by work flow design... Billy T


05:31 Redmine Help: RE: error restarting apache2
you probably have upgraded ruby version. I guess you are using Debian and "apt-get upgrade" everyday.
if so, you nee...
Billy T


10:55 Redmine Feature #3382: Ability to select only source code without line numbers
This is not a feature. This is really a bug!
Billy T


03:03 Redmine Feature #1994: LaTEX support in Wiki, Forums and Issues
Michael Boratko wrote:
> Thanks for the updated code, Carsten. I have applied your changes to the repo.
Is this p...
Billy T


03:12 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to use Redmine with large projects
I would like to say u may need a CI server, like Jenkins, to do the merging.
Set up repositories independently, and ...
Billy T


01:36 Redmine Development: RE: Link of "root" in repository points to "Internal error"!
Fixed! Thank you. Billy T


10:04 Redmine Development: Link of "root" in repository points to "Internal error"!
When I moved mouse on the link, it showed:... Billy T


01:17 Redmine Help: Can't remove attachment file in issue?
hi, did anyone meet this?
When I click !2.png! to remove attachment file in issue, I got this:
I am usin...
Billy T


04:52 Redmine Open discussion: "Help us localize this page"
I would like to see Redmine uses "Help us localize this page" link, which Jenkins is using, to improve UI translation... Billy T


04:29 Redmine Help: RE: No options in SCM list (Project settings -> Repository tab)
Check out if you have enabled any SCM here:
Administration->settings->Repositories->Enabled SCM
Billy T

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