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15:56 Redmine Help: Upgrade from Redmine 0.8.4.stable (MySQL) to Latest - Advice needed please
I tried this a while back following the instructions in the wiki and met a numbner of problems. Some I was able to re... Andy McMaster


14:41 Redmine Help: Upgrading from 0.84 to 1.0RC - best approach?
We have redmine 0.8.4 running on Server2003 set up using the Bitname Redmine install. This has been ticking ov...
Andy McMaster


15:55 Redmine Help: Setting the LDAP bases DN
Finally have Redmine up on its own server but need to restrict access to it. I have set up an LDAP authenticat...
Andy McMaster


14:54 Redmine Help: RE: When to run Repository.fetch_changesets scripts?
Thanks Eric.
Must read the documentation a bit more before posting!
Andy McMaster


09:54 Redmine Help: When to run Repository.fetch_changesets scripts?
Each time I add repository to a project I seem to have to run... Andy McMaster


17:44 Redmine Help: RE: Repository Browser - no folder structure visible
OK. Sorted this. The repo was accessed via https. I tried the security certificate workaround but it didn't seem to w... Andy McMaster


15:37 Redmine Help: RE: Repository Browser - no folder structure visible
Hmm. Hadn't really checked it was all working. When I try to get a diff or view a file from the repo I get the usual ... Andy McMaster
15:12 Redmine Help: Repository Browser - no folder structure visible
I'm new to Redmine but very impressed so far. I've managed to get it to talk to my existing SVN repo which run...
Andy McMaster


17:11 Redmine Feature #617: wiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG
Any update on this please? Just starting to use Redmine and very impressed but would like to move existing wik...
Andy McMaster

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