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14:56 Redmine Feature #38853 (New): do not disclose login account names (public projects disclose some user info)
As message#67884 did not get any reaction, I think it is worth submitting a ticket:
Following the message#51163 di...
Thomas Meyer
14:41 Redmine Defect #38852 (Closed): ## issue syntax is not kept when selecting an issue from the inline autocomplete
It is a nice feature to adress tickets with a double hash, followed by the ticket id, like here:
We hav...
Thomas Meyer


15:47 Redmine Open discussion: public project without public access to user info - do not disclose login account names
Following the message#51163 discussion:
We recently observed the fact that Redmine (at least until Remdmine 4.2) h...
Thomas Meyer

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