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09:24 Redmine Feature #12444: Ability to "set as default" settings when creating users


17:54 Redmine Feature #12388: diffs for editions of issue/notes entries
I think it's very important. Legally we can need to prove something.
I think also that only my last note of an i...


15:27 Redmine Feature #4511: Allow adding user groups as watchers for issues
+1 very useful


10:26 Redmine Feature #13040 (New): Add possibility to choose how to display date
My users asked me to have exact date instead of approximation ago, although moving on the mouse display it in tooltip...
10:05 Redmine Help: RE: Can I get actual date of update in addition to or instead of number of days?
I made this :
def time_tag(time)
text = distance_of_time_in_words(, time) + " (" + format_time(time) ...


09:29 Redmine Feature #12944: Displaying users by Groups
And an user can be displayed in several groups. Not annoying...


10:00 Redmine Feature #12944 (New): Displaying users by Groups
I have more 500 users. All are in a group but when filtering or assign Issue we have all users sorted, then...


21:45 Redmine Feature #11312: Filter assignable users based on workflow
This will avoid situation like an user can't change status because he doesn't have rights to.


12:03 Redmine Feature #12705 (Resolved): Custom values multiple in brakets and quotation marks
It was only a display of extended_fields plugin.
I uninstalled it et no more brackets


08:54 Redmine Feature #7867: Author group filtering
OK Thanks. "Author group filtering" is the good title.

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