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14:47 Redmine Feature #12327: easy browse and install plugin within redmine instance
This is a neat idea, but Jenkins plugins have a defined sandbox outside of which they have no control. Redmine plugin... Mark Thomas


05:26 Redmine Help: RE: Project specific emission email address
Looks like this is planned for version 1.0. See issue #4462 (and its related issue #4015) Mark Thomas


16:00 Redmine Plugins: RE: Using Scrum Alliance Plugin for Redmine
Can anyone provide an update on the current state of the Scrum Alliance plugins? Do any work on a non-customized 0.8.... Mark Thomas


14:13 Redmine Feature #2561: Correlate workflow with Issue complete percentage
I would like to see this feature too. I'd like to be able to specify that Closed = 100% Done. I've considered p...
Mark Thomas


23:15 Redmine Feature #2128 (New): Problems when 'Assigned To' field doesn't match 'Assigned' issue tracker
There are problems when the Assigned To field is set, but the issue tracker is not set to _assigned_. A non-member ca... Mark Thomas
22:28 Redmine Feature #1991: Unassigned and Open issues panels
This would then be a dup of #1710. Mark Thomas


22:14 Redmine Help: RE: Attempting to import from Merant Tracker
The file itself looks OK.
Is it named xxx.rake and in the tasks directory?
(P.S. Would like to see your MerantT...
Mark Thomas


17:11 Redmine Feature #1131 (Closed): Add support for alternate (non-LDAP) authentication
I would like to see a way to add a custom external authenticator. Currently, the "New Authentication Modes" link assu... Mark Thomas


16:12 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Versions vs Milestones
I recently went through the process of converting Version to Milestone, but found that the version label is also bein... Mark Thomas


05:44 Redmine Open discussion: Alternate authentication
I need to add support for running redmine behind a proxy that does the authenticating. Redmine doesn't need to handle... Mark Thomas

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