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15:51 Redmine Feature #8002: Close issue at a precise date
this feature is present in Redmine helpdesk plugin, where admin can decide the days tickets can be auto-closed if not... Antonio De Marinis
15:46 Redmine Feature #24181 (New): Add grand total of overall spent time on queries
Now we have Total spent time on the issue list made via #11253. It works fine for normal issues, but not for parent t... Antonio De Marinis


12:01 Redmine Feature #6049: Option to search archived projects
Alex Dergachev wrote:
> Just checked out the Close project feature. It seems really useful, but I personally prefer ...
Antonio De Marinis


17:41 Redmine Feature #1517: Cumulative flow diagrams of trackers as some sort of project burn down graph
Steffen Gransow wrote:
> Any news on this? Is there a plugin that provides cumulative flow diagrams that track progr...
Antonio De Marinis


20:42 Redmine Feature #1565: Custom query on My page
This is really a much wanted feature that would lift up redmine to become similar to thise kanban-like system lik...
Antonio De Marinis
20:24 Redmine Feature #8002: Close issue at a precise date
+1 I have this need too. For example many issues are sometimes forgotten to be closed and closed much later. This mak... Antonio De Marinis

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