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07:24 Redmine Feature #13788: Manually update of the close date (closed_on)
It would be useful in some cases


10:19 Redmine Feature #13419 (New): Scheduled vs. Actual issue time
Redmine is are perfect instrument for developers but when I try to use it in our company I meet that our project mana...


19:54 Redmine Feature #1232: Referencing and fixing issues in commit messages
19:51 Redmine Feature #12362 (Closed): Sharing Issue categories
Please add ability to share Issue categories between projects like Versions (may be only for child projects).
19:46 Redmine Feature #12361 (New): Mixed done ratio calculation mode
Now "% Done" can be set manually, or calculated based on issue status but I can use only one of these ways. This woul...

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