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15:06 Redmine Defect #33170: Login problem - error with certificate
I had this issue, this update solved it.
But just using the option "LDAPS without certificated check" solved it too....
Pierre de LESPINAY


12:06 Redmine Feature #22802: Add the posibility to set/change the position of an issue in a version
Ordering by priority/start date can be useful but as said, it's not as easy as drag/dropping issues to reorder them.
Pierre de LESPINAY


09:21 Redmine Feature #32796 (New): API - Ability to get time entries report
Since there is already an easy way to get the "CSV time entries report": Pierre de LESPINAY


19:01 Redmine Defect #27512 (New): Totals on custom fields with different role contexts
Totals should exclude values from custom fields for which the context does not allow the user to see.
Pierre de LESPINAY


11:11 Redmine Feature #27128: Ability to choose default sort by column for all projects
We should have the same options as when we create queries.
Default sort seems also important to me.
Pierre de LESPINAY


17:55 Redmine Help: RE: Proper method of upgrading plugins?
I was neither able to find indications about how to update a plugin.
Based on this 7 years old thread I'm guessing t...
Pierre de LESPINAY
15:27 Redmine Feature #24577: Settings to make the issue and/or comment fields mandatory for time logs
I tried to apply the patch in a version @3.2.5-1@ (Since I can't just upgrade to 3.4)... Pierre de LESPINAY


10:08 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Customization of the home page
Does Blocks Layout plugin work with recent redmine versions ?
Or is there an equivalent plugin ?
Pierre de LESPINAY


15:07 Redmine Feature #7907: Display Issues in a hierarchy (tree)
A custom query with @Parent task@ as first order does the trick for me (no need to put it on the columns) Pierre de LESPINAY


11:57 Redmine Feature #4602: User specific theme
+1 Pierre de LESPINAY

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