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11:15 Redmine Help: RE: problem of redmine mylyn connector
Under Ubuntu Linux 14.04 installed from official repository, you should manually create the "plugins" flode...
John Digital


10:33 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.1 Issues - 404. Trouble
I have more or less the same problem when log as administrator and try to go on Setting in a projetc where ...
John Digital


17:07 Redmine Feature #13839 (New): Custom fields presentation - Group custom fields in section / panel
When a project / tracker has an important number of custom fields, the issue presentation (when creating / visualizin... John Digital


11:50 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Group custom fields
Is there any way to have this working without modifying the redmine code? John Digital


09:30 Redmine Open discussion: Group custom fields
Hello, is there a way (or plug-in) that allows to group some custom fields in some panel view or similar?
For instan...
John Digital


10:36 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Issue status per project and sub-project
Something like that but I could make an error on roles and trackers (I am using 2.1.0). I will check again the invol... John Digital


15:57 Redmine Development: RE: Remove issues relations
Yeas Toshi you are right, thank you.
If someone has the same need, you just add the scope in the method call (file ...
John Digital


11:30 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Issue status per project and sub-project
Yes I know, the only thing is that I can't remove some statuses that I don't want to use. Thank you for your answer. John Digital
09:15 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Issue status per project and sub-project
That was my understanding also. But it seems I misconfigured the wotkflows, as I would like to have only some statuse... John Digital


17:11 Redmine Open discussion: Issue status per project and sub-project
In one of our configurations, we have one project A with an associated tracker T1 and another project B, a ...
John Digital

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