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08:08 Redmine Feature #4493: Make destination folder for attachment uploads configurable
IMO having a separate directory for each project would be good. Our Redmine instance has > 5,000 attachment, wh...
Vinod Singh


06:04 Redmine Defect #4314: Broken issue list pagination in 0.8.7
Craig Hawkes wrote:
> Does pagination work for you on the mysql database, or not?
> I have a problem (see) http://w...
Vinod Singh


09:51 Redmine Defect #4314: Broken issue list pagination in 0.8.7
The output of 'ruby script/about' is-... Vinod Singh


04:59 Redmine Defect #4314 (Closed): Broken issue list pagination in 0.8.7
The issue list pagination is broken in v0.8.7, which used to work fine in v0.8.4. See the screenshot for better under... Vinod Singh


04:47 Redmine Defect #4189: Users who change their password when authenticating via ldap cannot log in
We are also using Redmine where authentication is handled by LDAP (Active Directory) and never faced this problem. Vinod Singh


08:18 Redmine Open discussion: Document preview, history, rename etc.
Though on the surface wiki and documents look same but there are few functionalities like preview, history, rename (p... Vinod Singh


16:47 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_Tutorial (#30)
Made attachments visible in earlier revision and moved TOC to right now Vinod Singh
16:37 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_Tutorial (#29)
Vinod Singh


06:15 Redmine Feature #3640: Freeze / Close Projects
+1 Vinod Singh
06:10 Redmine Help: RE: Restrict access to projects for certain users
IMO it would be nice to have a flag at user level to restrict them to access only those projects where they are membe... Vinod Singh

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