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03:00 Redmine Feature #7764: Allow issue list to be sorted by "Author" and grouped by the same field
+1, we would like this too, since it's the only column we can't sort on in our issues lists VM Weseloh


01:40 Redmine Patch #2560: Bulk Edit of Custom Fields
+1 for including this in the 0.9.x version. VM Weseloh


20:32 Redmine Feature #1245: close versions
+1 VM Weseloh
19:07 Redmine Feature #1139: Being able to sort the issue list by custom fields
A must have for us
VM Weseloh


00:13 Redmine Feature #3543: Improve 'long text' custom fields
+1 for us too, we have custom fields that are quite lengthy VM Weseloh


23:33 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Impossible to hide unused task fields
+1 on this one; we would also like the ability to hide unused fields from the GUI. VM Weseloh


19:35 Redmine Help: multiple lines not wrapping around in issues query list
Anyone else having a problem displaying fields with multiple lines of text in the issues query list? They show up as... VM Weseloh
19:26 Redmine Defect #3646 (Closed): multiple lines of text don't wrap around in the issues list
We're having a problem with fields that have multiple lines of text; they aren't wrapping around in our issues list. ... VM Weseloh
19:15 Redmine Feature #3447: Option to display the issue descriptions on the issues list
+1 for requesting this feature; description should be a field you can query on and include in the issues list. VM Weseloh
19:12 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
+1 for including this feature in 0.9 VM Weseloh

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