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09:42 Redmine Feature #12508 (New): Add diff to wiki change notification
Is it possible to get the diff in the email if something is changed? Right now Redmine only reports that page was cha... Wolfgang Schnerring


16:01 Redmine Defect #10168 (Closed): CSV export breaks custom columns
The CSV export gained the ability to display all sorts of columns through #4742 (tested with Redmine r8808, 1.3-stabl... Wolfgang Schnerring


14:37 Redmine Feature #3033: Bug Reporting: Using "Create and continue" should show bug id of saved bug
attached is a patch to show the issue number in the "successful creation" message. Wolfgang Schnerring


09:10 Redmine Patch #3700 (Closed): Include issue status in search results and activity pages
It is quite tedious that the search results do not show the status of issues, it would be very helpful to see at a gl... Wolfgang Schnerring


17:26 Redmine Defect #3692 (New): URL-generation is brittle with trailing slashes
When the setting Adminstration/Settings/General/"Hostname and path" has a trailing slash (e. g. " Wolfgang Schnerring


17:28 Redmine Patch #3654 (Closed): After moving an issue, redirect to where you came from
When viewing a single issue and selecting "move", it is quite startling to be redirected to the issue listing afterwa... Wolfgang Schnerring

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