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18:49 Redmine Defect #949: Style not applied to wiki image
For anyone who stumbles across this old issue, if you want "sensibly sized images, with borders", with clicking to se... Alex Dergachev


00:19 Redmine Help: RE: Any way to get 'git fetch' to run automatically when fetch_changesets is called?
I'm working on a plugin that does something similar:
Give it a try...
Alex Dergachev


22:03 Redmine Feature #6049: Option to search archived projects
Just checked out the Close project feature. It seems really useful, but I personally prefer to archiving the project,... Alex Dergachev


20:59 Redmine Feature #3848: Permission to log time for another user
I just threw together a hacky plugin that seeks to achieve the same thing
It doesn't check any permissions and proba...
Alex Dergachev


23:34 Redmine Help: RE: Insert HTML fragments
I agree that the check isn't actually providing any security. In fact if you use this macro, you need to trust EVERY ... Alex Dergachev


21:01 Redmine Feature #5536: Simplify Wiki Page creation ("Add Page" link)
FYI a year ago we threw together a prototype of a plugin for this workflow:
Alex Dergachev


18:20 Redmine Help: RE: Apache2 + passenger configuration
For me it was a simple permissions error. Uncovered by doing the following:
@tail -f /var/www/redmine/log/producti...
Alex Dergachev


18:11 Redmine Defect #12369 (Resolved): Test
Please ignore this issue, I was testing if my account was still unable to create issues (which seems no longer the ca... Alex Dergachev
18:03 Redmine Defect #12369 (Closed): Test
Alex Dergachev
18:09 Redmine Defect #12370 (Closed): Unable to register a new plugin (user account/IP blocked)
I made a simple plugin (Gist Embed) and am trying to register it at
However, a...
Alex Dergachev

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