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21:11 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Is it possible to install Redmine and SVN on different servers?
Yes, they can be on seperate servers. You can completely configure the SVN connection. Think of the SVN functionali...


21:39 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Blog Plugin
Paul paul wrote:
> Trying Blogs 0.0.6 on RM 0.8.4
> Clicking "Blogs" gives me "Application error. Rails application...


15:08 Redmine Help: RE: Best Practice for moving redmine installations
In this particular environment, Redmine was just one of many web apps running on the machine, and one of the only one...


23:42 Redmine Help: Best Practice for moving redmine installations
We have moved our Redmine installation to a new server, and are looking for a fool proof way to take users who visit ...

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