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05:51 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine Crashing
Hi Ivan,
O/S - Windows 2003 server with service pack 2
Redmine Version :- Version 2.2.1-0
Rails :- 3.2.11
lijo jose


13:32 Redmine Help: Redmine Crashing
I get the below error now when trying to login
Service Temporarily Unavailab...
lijo jose


08:45 Redmine Help: Reg Repository-File system
Can somebody guide me on the usage of repository fn in Redmine.I have checked the "file system" under settings...
lijo jose
07:31 Redmine Help: Reg custom form creation in Redmine
Hi jan,
I feel that if Redmine can give an option of designing a form for tracking project activities like Release...
lijo jose
02:01 Redmine Plugins: RE: redmine_time_tracker does not work in redmine version 2.2.2
Luis Serrano Aranda wrote:
> Try this
Hi Jose,
lijo jose


13:44 Redmine Plugins: RE: Weekly Timesheet 1.3
Also can you let me know the settings for removing the start and end from the weekly time sheet.Attached the s...
lijo jose
12:46 Redmine Plugins: RE: Weekly Timesheet 1.3
Dhanasingh Krishnapandian wrote:
> Lijo,
> Right now we are only allowing 2 custom fields in the row, but the rest ...
lijo jose
10:58 Redmine Plugins: RE: Weekly Timesheet 1.3
Hi dhanasingh,
I wanted to add more than 2 custom fileds in your weekly plugin as we have start date,planned closu...
lijo jose


12:48 Redmine Open discussion: Reg Enumeration-Activities and Activities(time tracking)
Hi jan,
In RedMine under 'Custom Fields' ,there is a tab for 'Activities(time tracking) .Can you pls let me know h...
lijo jose


10:18 Redmine Open discussion: Reg Restricting on email notification
Hi jan,
Is there a way out wherein I can disable the email notifications for the users?The reason for ask is that ...
lijo jose

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