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23:41 Redmine Defect #26145 (Closed): Don't redirect anonymous users to the login form for disabled modules
The use case is that a project enables a module (the Files module is the one we encountered) but later turns it off. ... Adam Clark


19:24 Redmine Feature #17797 (New): If no wiki pages have been created, wiki tab should return something more informative than 404
We've received bug reports from users saying that wiki pages are broken, when a project has wiki enabled but the owne... Adam Clark


22:21 Redmine Plugins: config.plugins deprecated? replacement?
According to #12253, @config.plugins@ can no longer be used to set the plugin load order, but I don't see indication ... Adam Clark


02:50 Redmine Feature #14505 (Closed): Link to a file in a named repository in another project
Redmine supports these links:... Adam Clark


02:04 Redmine Defect #5156: Bulk edit form lacks estimated time field
One way to make the UI simpler here would be to define a list of preset times, which could be directly selected...
Adam Clark


21:14 Redmine Feature #13387: Improving Redmine's version model (not just milestones)
I found this issue when looking around to see if there were any plans for a hierarchical versioning system. I notice... Adam Clark


03:04 Redmine Feature #6269: RedCloth 4 support
> @Adam Clark: sure RedCloth doc is pretty complete, but Redmine one is accessible and should do the trick for 99% us... Adam Clark


18:42 Redmine Defect #7699: Subversion: 500 Internal Server Error when browsing a repository
Upgrading to 2.3 didn't solve the problem.
Not sure if this should go into a new ticket, but in our case it looks ...
Adam Clark


01:14 Redmine Defect #7699: Subversion: 500 Internal Server Error when browsing a repository
I am seeing this issue right now in 1.3.1 -- this doesn't seem fixed to me. Adam Clark


17:44 Redmine Feature #6269: RedCloth 4 support
Adding another upvote -- in addition to the new features, RedCloth 4 also has a detailed reference manual (http://red... Adam Clark

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