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12:16 Redmine Feature #13258: Let user defines CSS color for priority and issue status
Yes but if we move/delete/replace priority in admin, we have to edit our own CSS.
I think it would be a nice additio...
Benjamin Jeanjean


19:23 Redmine Defect #13308 (Reopened): Redirect after login
... Benjamin Jeanjean
17:50 Redmine Defect #13308: Redirect after login
The error seems to be random ! There's nothing in the production's log...
You should try many times to reproduce it ...
Benjamin Jeanjean


12:08 Redmine Feature #3035: Reminder at start-date
+1 ! Benjamin Jeanjean
12:07 Redmine Feature #559: Workflow Enhancements
+1 ! Would be a really nice addition for Redmine ! Benjamin Jeanjean
12:02 Redmine Feature #13297: Adding icons for different trackers
It would be really useful ! It's much easier to see the status directly with icons !
I think it must be implements...
Benjamin Jeanjean
11:43 Redmine Defect #13308 (Closed): Redirect after login
When a new issue is created, an email is sent with the link to the issue on Redmine.
But when we've lost the session...
Benjamin Jeanjean
11:40 Redmine Feature #13307 (Closed): Start date and due date in email notifications
Today, the start date and the due date doesn't appears in the email sent when we create a new issue.
It would be rea...
Benjamin Jeanjean


15:36 Redmine Feature #13296 (New): Permits defining a default "due date"
Each project has a "due date" (when working with clients). It would be awesome to permits to add a default "due date"... Benjamin Jeanjean


18:39 Redmine Feature #13259: Drag and drop issue on calendar
It depends on the arrow's issue color.
Green for begin date, Red for end date.
Benjamin Jeanjean

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